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Tik Tok Apocalypse does Day of the Dead Halloween Chic

It is almost Halloween! And to celebrate my favorite day of the year I actually decided to buy a Halloween costume for Tik Tok this year and see if she would wear it. For a little back story, Tik Tok loves being under the sheets so I figured she wouldn’t necessarily mind having a costume that mimicked wearing a bed sheet. Luckily, I found this cute little Day of the Dead dress with a tutu and a sugar skull design and since it’s small, soft, made of cotton and is basically worn as a tiny cape – it seemed like a winner. And Tikky definitely wore the dress for a good 5 minutes  until it was abundantly clear she was done playing dress up. Luckily I was able to capture this adorable Halloween moment on film. Happy Hauntings from the Treehouse of Love.

Cute Halloween Cat Costume - Day of the Dead

Tik Tok ready to go Trick or Treating for Cat Nip

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Oh Hi! Welcome to Spring!

Hi Friends! It’s 2012! And yes I am aware it has been 2012 for 3 months and that this is my first post. What can I say? I was busy hibernating through the chilly South Florida winter but to make it up to all 5 of you, here is an adorable pic of none other than Tik Tok Apocalypse after just having enjoyed a fresh cup of cat nip from her tiny Squirrel-Sized Coffee Mug.

Cute Cat with Tiny Coffee Mug

Um, Where is my Free Refill?

Now that I am fully awake and once again able to resume scouring the Interwebz for adorable pics, I’m hoping for a slightly more frequent posting schedule. Good Times. Welcome to Spring!

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Happy Halloween From Look Out! The Cute!

It’s not a full on Halloween costume, but here is none other than Tik Tok Apocalypse wearing a person-sized pirate hat (and an orange octopus plushie) while sitting on my sea monster costume (hence the slight trace of  glittery green tentacle). Happy Halloween from all of us here at the Tree House!

Tik Tok Cat Pirate Hat Costume Halloween

You Have 2 Seconds to Get This Off Me or Yr Walking the Plank

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Happy 2011, Year of the Cute!

It’s been 2011 for a week now, but a late greeting is better than no greeting at all. Especially since I’m in the process of moving to a new apartment, so my world (although still filled with cuteness via Tik Tok and Coco) is fairly upside-down at the moment.

Of course every year is the Year of the Cute if you ask me, but as a promise to the 2 or 3 of you that visit this blog on a somewhat regular basis, I will try to keep the posts a little more frequent and the cuteness as diverse and adorable as I can. Also,  I hear that 2011 is also going to be the Year of the Pie. I can’t say I’m not excited about that as well. Until I get myself together for a more dynamic post, here’s some adorable pics of Tik Tok and Coco hanging out in their condo cave for your late-afternoon cute-break.

Coco the Cat in her Happy Cave

Coco Giving You Her Best Greta Garbo Pose

Tik Tok in her kitten cave

Tik Tok Taking on Condo Guard Duty

I know everyone who owns a cat is convinced of their kitten’s supreme cuteness, but for serious! Look at those faces and try not to melt. I dare you. Happy New Year 🙂


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Tik Tok in a Beer Bag



My cat can make an empty beer bag look fierce. It’s like a kitten cave erupted in my kitchen.



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