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Swimming with Sea Turtles in Maui

Hey There! I just got back from a super fantastic vacation in Maui and it was a treasure trove of adorable animal encounters. K and I spent a lot of time snorkeling and hit some really great spots including Molokini (a volcanic crater) and Coral Gardens, which is where I spotted a super cute green sea turtle! It was pretty amazing, and even living in South Florida near where lots of sea turtles lay their eggs, it was still such an incredible thrill to be in the water with one.

It should go without saying, but if you do ever encounter a sea turtle or other underwater creature, just let it do its thing, don’t try to touch it or ride it or hug it (tempting as it may be). These are special creatures and they just need to hang out without people being all weird on them. And even at a non-threatening distance I was still able to get some pretty cool pictures with my new underwater camera (the colors aren’t super bright because I was zooming in from that safe distance I was referring to).

sea turtle encounter Maui

sea turtle friend swimming in Coral Gardens, Maui

Sea Turtle swimming at Coral Gardens, Maui

check out those flippers!

sea turtle maui, hawaii

swimming through the coral

Stay tuned for even more fun fish photos from Maui coming soon.


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