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Tik Tok Apocalypse does Day of the Dead Halloween Chic

It is almost Halloween! And to celebrate my favorite day of the year I actually decided to buy a Halloween costume for Tik Tok this year and see if she would wear it. For a little back story, Tik Tok loves being under the sheets so I figured she wouldn’t necessarily mind having a costume that mimicked wearing a bed sheet. Luckily, I found this cute little Day of the Dead dress with a tutu and a sugar skull design and since it’s small, soft, made of cotton and is basically worn as a tiny cape – it seemed like a winner. And Tikky definitely wore the dress for a good 5 minutes  until it was abundantly clear she was done playing dress up. Luckily I was able to capture this adorable Halloween moment on film. Happy Hauntings from the Treehouse of Love.

Cute Halloween Cat Costume - Day of the Dead

Tik Tok ready to go Trick or Treating for Cat Nip

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Happy Halloween From Look Out! The Cute!

It’s not a full on Halloween costume, but here is none other than Tik Tok Apocalypse wearing a person-sized pirate hat (and an orange octopus plushie) while sitting on my sea monster costume (hence the slight trace of  glittery green tentacle). Happy Halloween from all of us here at the Tree House!

Tik Tok Cat Pirate Hat Costume Halloween

You Have 2 Seconds to Get This Off Me or Yr Walking the Plank

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…And Then There Was Dog Raptor

It’s Halloween madness out there. Pet costume season is in full swing and just when I was trying to calculate how many kitten tranquilizers it would take to get Tik Tok Apocalypse into a Hammerhead Shark Costume (no worries, I would NEVER, she’s too smart for such transparent tactics anyway), what stares me right in the face but a Puppy Raptor!

Dinosaur Dog Costume Raptor

I Will Make You Extinct!

I cannot believe there are animals that would allow someone to put this amazing raptor costume on them, but oh how I wish I knew one! On the plus side, if I actually had tiny raptor dogs scurrying around my apartment I probably wouldn’t get anything done ever again since I’d be too busy making Jurassic Park parodies with my amazingly low-budget Radioshack video camera.

Dog Raptor Costume via BuyCostumes.com

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Hammerhead Shark Halloween Costume for Dogs

It’s almost Halloween, which means along with finding new ways to make decidedly unsexy fictional characters into sexy  sexy outfits, we also get to see the incredible lengths people will go to force their unconditionally-loving animal friends into adorable yet slightly soul-crushing pet costumes. Hooray Halloween!

After the never-ending gift that is the Puss and Boots Cat Costume, I  knew that not just any faux-cowboy polyester vest or tiny cat hat would do. So I’ve been looking around, waiting to be amazed and then I discovered my new favorite puppy Halloween costume of all time! Behold Hammerhead Puppy!!!

Dog Halloween Costume Shark

I Will Bite Your Face Off for This!

Beware the seas for they are full of slobbering puppy sharks! That puppy may be slowly chewing your face off with his eyes but pictures of dogs dressed as a shark last forever. Plus, yr puppy friend will likely forgive you if you give him some bacon. Bacon is the ultimate gesture of contrition.

Puppy Shark Costume via BuyCostumes.com


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March of the Christmas Penguins

Ugh, I know…Christmas already?? It’s not even Turkey day yet! However, since this blog entry is about cute penguins dressed up in Christmas outfits and not actual holiday consumerism, we can call it a LATE Halloween post instead of an early Christmas one, deal? Ok, now get ready to drop yr jaw over these cutie Christmas penguins:

cute Christmas penguin costumes

Penguin Christmas March from South Korea, pic via Getty Images

These festival Christmas penguins are actually marching through an amusement park in South Korea called Everland (the biggest amusement park in the country), but they’ve already marched right into my heart. *swoon*

So there’s yr first official present of the Christmas season. Thanks Jezebel!


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