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Wizard of Oz Diorama of Awesomeness

I have a wonderful husband. Just putting that out there. For my birthday he gave me two super rad Wizard of Oz vinyls to celebrate my obsession of L. Frank Baum amazingness. But how to display my new friends? It was clear from the start that not just any shelf would do, so I took a box we had lying around, did a quick craft run for some extra felt and glitter glue, and a few hours later I had this, the perfect display setting for Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West to duke it out in the shadow of the Emerald City.

Wizard of Oz Craft

The road to Oz is paved with good intentions and lots of felt.

I had a lot of fun working on this project, but I have to say finding the little red pom poms to use as the poppies actually made me shriek with delight at the craft store. It’s the little things. And when we add to this new collection I’ll get to create even more Wizard of Oz dioramas since I don’t think I could fit more than one additional vinyl in this particular display. I’m also hoping that maybe one day they will venture beyond the first book because I need a Tik Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead and Ozma like yesterday.


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Happy Halloween From Look Out! The Cute!

It’s not a full on Halloween costume, but here is none other than Tik Tok Apocalypse wearing a person-sized pirate hat (and an orange octopus plushie) while sitting on my sea monster costume (hence the slight trace of  glittery green tentacle). Happy Halloween from all of us here at the Tree House!

Tik Tok Cat Pirate Hat Costume Halloween

You Have 2 Seconds to Get This Off Me or Yr Walking the Plank

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Start Knitting! These Penguins Need Sweaters!

I know this sounds like a joke, but it’s actually not. There was a terrible oil spill near New Zealand a few weeks back and lots of adorable penguin friends have been affected.  While there are  people helping with the clean up efforts, the oiled covered penguins need to stay warm and be kept from poisoning themselves by trying to clean their own oily feathers, while they wait in some kinda of penguin cleaning assembly line. That is where the sweaters come in.

penguins wearing sweaters, oil spill clean up

Looking Sweet and Feeling Good! Thanks for the Sweaters!

Skeinz, a yarn store in New Zealand is organizing the Penguin Sweater Drive and if you click the link, they also have the measurements and directions (sweaters must be 100% wool) so you can knit a penguin sweater and join in the rescue efforts.  I cannot knit, so my job is to spread the word and hopefully you’ll do the same or use your mad skills to start making adorably functional penguin sweaters! Tiny penguin friends need your help!

Call to action and More Info via Jezebel

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AT-AT Pancakes for Hungry Star Wars Fans

It’s definitely been too long since I posted about something both adorable and edible, but I’m glad I waited since this is too amazing pants for words, and it combines the inherent awesomeness of PANCAKES with the timeless relevancy of Star Wars (and by proxy Oakland!)!

AT-AT Pancakes, Star Wars, Edible Art

Eat Yr Breakfast Before it Gets Colder Than Hoth! Zing! Pic via Jim's Pancakes

Jim’s Pancakes posted this adorable pic of an AT-AT pancake sculpture as well as directions on how to make your own edible AT-AT, if you dare.  Ideal for impressing yr favorite storm trooper, Sith Lord, or visiting relatives from ice planet Hoth, they almost look too cute to eat, but they are pancakes so I would personally not have any trouble chowing down on these awesome AT-ATs while cheering on the rebel alliance.

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Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving

Cute Thanksgiving Cookies

Check out these too cute Thanksiving Turkey cookies! My work buddy Lisa made these fantastic turkey-day sweets for the office pre-Thanksgiving feast and she is kind enough to share the recipe  just so you too can make these cute gobblers for your Thanksgiving — even yr vegetarian friends can enjoy these cuties!

What You’ll Need:

1 Oreo Cookie

1 Hershey Kiss (plain chocolate looks best, but go with yr fav)

1 Candy Corn

1 Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookie (cut in half so stripes run vertical)

Chocolate Frosting

Black Icing Gel

How to Assemble Your Turkey Cookie:

1. Spread enough chocolate frosting on the top of the Oreo so the fudge cookie will stand upright

2. Place the kiss near the edge and sit the fudge cookie flush against the back

3. Spread a small dot of chocolate frosting on the top of the kiss and attach the candy corn head

4. Pipe 2 dots of black icing gel on (to make the eyes)

5. Nom!…or stare in awe of the cuteness. They actually keep for a few days but the frosting may dry out so you’ll probably want to eat these yummy gobblers within a day or so of creation.

Got more Thanksgiving cuteness to share? Send it to Look Out! The Cute!

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Giant Robot Arms You Can Buy!


Giant Cardboard Robot Arms by Etsy seller Giant Cardboard Robots

Monster Robot Hug or 1 Step Towards Destruction by Etsy Seller Giant Cardboard Robots

Hello, Etsy seller who is my new hero! What have we here? Could it be the perfectly functional joining of 2 of my favorite things on earth, cardboard art and robots??? It is!

Here’s some stats from the robot arm creator:

Each arm is approximately 5′ 6″ in length (about 3 feet longer from where your hands will grab), 9″ x 9″ in width. The arms allow for both 90° bending motion in the elbows as well as 360° rotation of the wrist.

And you too can pick up these sassy robot arms that really work, although robot fights in the rain may not end so well. Pic and awesomeness via The Daily What 

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