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Tik Tok Apocalypse does Day of the Dead Halloween Chic

It is almost Halloween! And to celebrate my favorite day of the year I actually decided to buy a Halloween costume for Tik Tok this year and see if she would wear it. For a little back story, Tik Tok loves being under the sheets so I figured she wouldn’t necessarily mind having a costume that mimicked wearing a bed sheet. Luckily, I found this cute little Day of the Dead dress with a tutu and a sugar skull design and since it’s small, soft, made of cotton and is basically worn as a tiny cape – it seemed like a winner. And Tikky definitely wore the dress for a good 5 minutes  until it was abundantly clear she was done playing dress up. Luckily I was able to capture this adorable Halloween moment on film. Happy Hauntings from the Treehouse of Love.

Cute Halloween Cat Costume - Day of the Dead

Tik Tok ready to go Trick or Treating for Cat Nip

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Hello from Panda Hollow

Coco Bear, the world’s sweetest Panda cat, is in love with our too-long living room curtains as she has figured out how to create her own little Panda Hollow with a private view of the balcony. Luckily sometimes she lets me visit so I got this heart-melting pic of our favorite panda cat being the snuggily kitten she is.

Coco Cat in Panda Hollow

welcome to my little hollow


Pic by Yours Truly

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Bobcat Kisses

So the best part of having out-of-town guests is getting to take them to touristy-type places you don’t usually get to go to, and this past weekend we took Mr. K’s parents down to Flamingo Gardens. In addition to some beautiful flamingos (pics to come), smiling otters (you know I got you covered there) and flamboyant peacocks (it’s mating seasons so full-on plumage displays await!), we got to see these two adorable bobcat brothers  giving each other a tongue bath. It was especially cute since they were napping on opposite sides of the enclosure before Brother A decided Brother B needed a good groomin’. And with my new fancy Digital SLR, I was able to capture all the cuteness in a much higher quality pic than usual. Get ready to make some embarrassing Awwww noises!

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Oh Hi! Welcome to Spring!

Hi Friends! It’s 2012! And yes I am aware it has been 2012 for 3 months and that this is my first post. What can I say? I was busy hibernating through the chilly South Florida winter but to make it up to all 5 of you, here is an adorable pic of none other than Tik Tok Apocalypse after just having enjoyed a fresh cup of cat nip from her tiny Squirrel-Sized Coffee Mug.

Cute Cat with Tiny Coffee Mug

Um, Where is my Free Refill?

Now that I am fully awake and once again able to resume scouring the Interwebz for adorable pics, I’m hoping for a slightly more frequent posting schedule. Good Times. Welcome to Spring!

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Happy Halloween From Look Out! The Cute!

It’s not a full on Halloween costume, but here is none other than Tik Tok Apocalypse wearing a person-sized pirate hat (and an orange octopus plushie) while sitting on my sea monster costume (hence the slight trace of  glittery green tentacle). Happy Halloween from all of us here at the Tree House!

Tik Tok Cat Pirate Hat Costume Halloween

You Have 2 Seconds to Get This Off Me or Yr Walking the Plank

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New World’s Longest Cat Lives Up to Apt Title

Greetings! There’s been a recent crop of new Guinness World Record holders over the past few days, including this cute and gigantic Maine Coon named Stewie (yes, as in Family Guy). Maine Coons, in case you were unaware, are notoriously giant for kittehs and I love that they have M marks on their foreheads like they are all super heros.

Anyway, back to long cats being long. Stewie is crazy long, 48.5 inches to be exact. Luckily you can check out this cute cat video of Stewie showing just how tall cats do it, and worry about a future Planet of the Apes scenario starring giant people-size kittens. I know some people might refer to these giant future cats as Lions, but whateves, gigantic housecats seem more terrifying and yet, I still would totally want to hang out with one. Also, I think Stewie’s tail is actually longer than Tik Tok.

Via Jezebel

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Sometimes Coco Wants To Be Alone (Not Really)

I could not resist posting this dramatic portrait of my favorite tuxedo kitten, Ms. Coco Bear doing her best Greta Garbo impression. Don’t let that face fool you for a second though, she needs attention (and forehead kisses) like she needs oxygen. Seriously, this cat will headbutt yr lips for a kiss. That is why we get along so well.

Glamourous Coco Bear Sitting Pretty

It's So Hard Being This Famous and Adorable! Le Sigh!

Great Garbo Screen Legend
Where Did I Leave My Hat from Ninotchka?

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