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Tik Tok Apocalypse does Day of the Dead Halloween Chic

It is almost Halloween! And to celebrate my favorite day of the year I actually decided to buy a Halloween costume for Tik Tok this year and see if she would wear it. For a little back story, Tik Tok loves being under the sheets so I figured she wouldn’t necessarily mind having a costume that mimicked wearing a bed sheet. Luckily, I found this cute little Day of the Dead dress with a tutu and a sugar skull design and since it’s small, soft, made of cotton and is basically worn as a tiny cape – it seemed like a winner. And Tikky definitely wore the dress for a good 5 minutes  until it was abundantly clear she was done playing dress up. Luckily I was able to capture this adorable Halloween moment on film. Happy Hauntings from the Treehouse of Love.

Cute Halloween Cat Costume - Day of the Dead

Tik Tok ready to go Trick or Treating for Cat Nip

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Michonne & Her Pets: a Walking Dead POP! Vinyl Diorama

I had so much fun making my Wizard of Oz POP! Vinyl Diorama a few weeks ago I that decided I would continue creating silly new display boxes if any additional POP! Vinyls should happen to join my rather random toy collection. I didn’t really anticipate buying any new figures so quickly, but I went to Tate’s Comics last week for an art opening in the Bear + Bird Gallery (featuring amazing Lenticular Artwork by Kerry Tichenor)  and while I was there I spotted my all time favorite Walking Dead character (books & show), Michonne! And the set even included her two pets. It wasn’t even a question, Michonne was coming home with me. She is like Queen BAMF of my heart.

And so I went about finding the right size shoebox and collecting twigs and sorting through my stash of moss to create a desolate woodland setting for her to conquer with bad-assery.  I went with a pretty simplistic layout, mostly because they included so much detail on the vinyls (check out that splatter), I just wanted them to remain the most interesting part of the scene.

Which POP Vinyls! should I get next?

Michonne Walking Dead Pets POP! Vinyls

“They Don’t Feel a Thing”


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Wizard of Oz Diorama of Awesomeness

I have a wonderful husband. Just putting that out there. For my birthday he gave me two super rad Wizard of Oz vinyls to celebrate my obsession of L. Frank Baum amazingness. But how to display my new friends? It was clear from the start that not just any shelf would do, so I took a box we had lying around, did a quick craft run for some extra felt and glitter glue, and a few hours later I had this, the perfect display setting for Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West to duke it out in the shadow of the Emerald City.

Wizard of Oz Craft

The road to Oz is paved with good intentions and lots of felt.

I had a lot of fun working on this project, but I have to say finding the little red pom poms to use as the poppies actually made me shriek with delight at the craft store. It’s the little things. And when we add to this new collection I’ll get to create even more Wizard of Oz dioramas since I don’t think I could fit more than one additional vinyl in this particular display. I’m also hoping that maybe one day they will venture beyond the first book because I need a Tik Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead and Ozma like yesterday.


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A Lovely Leafy Sea Dragon

Is there anything quite so surreal and dreamy as a leafy sea dragon? There are a lot of under the sea creatures that can be accurately described as cute or beautiful or graceful, but there is a truly exquisite artistic quality to the anatomy of leafy sea dragons that just confounds the imagination. Like it  shouldn’t be real, but isn’t the world just so much better because it is? And while I have been lucky enough to see these mesmerizing sea creatures in person before, this is by far the largest leafy sea dragon I’ve ever seen close up. I mean, how can you look at this guy and not audibly gasp? Nature is wonderous.

Yellow Leafy Sea Dragon

Photo taken at the Florida Aquarium. Check out my other Florida Aquarium adventures.

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Swimming Sloths Wednesday

Saw this super cute swimming sloth video on Jezebel and just couldn’t resist. Not only does it feature an adorable assortment of sloths rockin’ the doggy paddle, but it’s also educational. Did you know sloths can swim? Did you know you should not pick up said swimming sloth and drive it around in yr speedboat even though it looks super chill and squee-inducing with its sloth hair blowing in the wind? Truth. It’s cute, but don’t do it. Luckily we can all enjoy this educational sloth video instead and tell all your friends when boating in Costa Rica, leave the swimming sloths to their aquatic business (just take lots of pics and send them to me).

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My What a Glittery Piranha You Are!

Fish by nature tend to spend most of their days swimming around (science!), so taking pictures of them, even in an aquarium setting can be difficult. In addition to dealing with lots of other people and glass reflections, lots of fish movement plus low-light can be a challenge for even the fanciest of fancy cameras. But sometimes you find a fish that just likes to hang out and let your pictures be great.

Piranhas, amazingly enough, are one of those fish and when I went to the Georgia Aquarium I was so very very excited to find a photo subject that just wanted to sit still for a second. I swear upon a stack of Anne Carson books that this picture is in no way Photoshopped or edited at all except to reduce the actual size of the photo to fit in the blog. This my friends is no fake fish trapped in glass but a perfectly still, super chill sparkly Piranha. Who could be scared of that face? I mean, you should be, I think a group of Piranhas can strip a goat carcass in like 5 minutes, but ya know, at the Aquarium at least, he looks kinda cute.

Perfectly Still Piranha at Georgia Aquarium

I’m a Star!

This bizarre moment in time captured by Yours Truly.

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Rad Octopus is Rad

Or perhaps Red Octopus is Red. Either way, this fantastic octopus is not exactly the shy type. A little back story, Octopuses are nocturnal and aren’t typically in love with crowds, so most times when you see an Octopus Exhibit at an Aquarium it usually looks like an empty tank with a bunch of rocks and then maybe you see a tentacle or 2 peaking out from some dark corner, but that’s about it.

Ya know, it is what it is. I love Octopuses but I can appreciate they don’t work on my schedule. So imagine my surprise when I went to the Georgia Aquarium and at like 9:05 AM (yes that is 5 minutes after it opened and yes I did wait on line to be the second person in the Aquarium that morning) I walk by the Octopus tank and well, someone felt like performing.

Behold, Exhibitionist Octopus!

Octopus Saying Hi From Georgia Aquarium

Welcome to My Kingdom

Octopus Spreading His Legs at Georgia Aquarium
All Your Glass Will Be Mine

Octopus Showing His Tentacles
Check out These Tentacles

Octopus Performing at Georgia Aquarium
If Octopi Had Feet, This is What Would be Referred to as Fancy Footwork





I said Good Day, Sir.

All Pics by Yours Truly

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