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Michonne & Her Pets: a Walking Dead POP! Vinyl Diorama

I had so much fun making my Wizard of Oz POP! Vinyl Diorama a few weeks ago I that decided I would continue creating silly new display boxes if any additional POP! Vinyls should happen to join my rather random toy collection. I didn’t really anticipate buying any new figures so quickly, but I went to Tate’s Comics last week for an art opening in the Bear + Bird Gallery (featuring amazing Lenticular Artwork by Kerry Tichenor)  and while I was there I spotted my all time favorite Walking Dead character (books & show), Michonne! And the set even included her two pets. It wasn’t even a question, Michonne was coming home with me. She is like Queen BAMF of my heart.

And so I went about finding the right size shoebox and collecting twigs and sorting through my stash of moss to create a desolate woodland setting for her to conquer with bad-assery.  I went with a pretty simplistic layout, mostly because they included so much detail on the vinyls (check out that splatter), I just wanted them to remain the most interesting part of the scene.

Which POP Vinyls! should I get next?

Michonne Walking Dead Pets POP! Vinyls

“They Don’t Feel a Thing”


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Zombie Truffles For the Discerning Brain Enthusiast

So apparently May is Zombie Awareness Month, who knew right? And to celebrate (?) our favorite non-living, flesh-craving, decomposing monster friends, Instructables user Kristylynn84 created amazingly creeptastic brain-shaped truffles. Loves! So raise a glass to zombies for the endless hours of entertainment they have provided through amazing horror films, amazingly horrible horror films, and of course Walking Dead books. Mmmm, brains.

zombie truffles zombie awareness month

Mmmmmm Brains..IN...Delicious Brains!

Neatorama via Instructables

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Creepy Toy Robots Dancing to Christmas Songs

Sometimes I just gotta call ’em like I see ’em. I collect toy robots, those rad tin ones from the 50’s, etc., so I loves me a toy robot. Even the modern ones with their fancy lights and non-wind-upness. But even I have to admit this that video is walking that fine line between cute and creepy and stumbling a bit into the creepy side.  A fellow collector of nerderie has managed to synchronize his homemade army of robot warriors into a festive holiday play celebrating the Christmas Season through DANCE! Yes, dance, and lights. OoOo!

Don’t say I never did anything for you. Enjoy:


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