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Lemur Cuddle Pile

You asked for more lemurs (actually you didn’t explicitly), so you are getting more lemurs (this was inevitable)! As you may recall from a few days ago, I went to Jungle Island and met a pack of adorable baby lemurs! And among the many educational tidbits and squee-inducing memories I took away from that experience was that lemurs are big fans of the cuddle time. They also really dig jumping on each other and rolling around until they form a sort of furry bait ball – just a constantly rotating sphere of fluff and lemur feet. And then that breaks down into a cuddle for a few moments before they go jump on some other stuff. And so the cycle continues:


playful baby lemurs

Just Coming Up for Air

Cuddle Lap 1

it’s a lapful of lemurs

playing baby lemur

I’m Going to Hug You…Right Now!

They really are a bunch of photogenic prosimians. Even though chances are fairly high I’m going to post more lemur pics, K and I actually encountered a lot of cute animals during our time at Jungle Island, so stay tuned for even more amazing animal photography from Look Out! The Cute!

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Lemurs! Lemurs! Lemurs! I Met Some and We Cuddled

Last weekend K and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary in the absolute best possible way, by going to Jungle Island and letting an adorable pack of baby lemurs jump all over us for 25 minutes! Don’t believe such an experience could be even remotely possible???


Just Another Sunday Afternoon in Lemurville

Just Another Sunday Afternoon in Lemurville

Mind blown? Mine still is and I was there. It was just so surreal and amazing to interact with these amazing creatures. They were all under a year old and hand raised at the zoo so they are very socialized and like to be around people. So for the actual Lemur Encounter, they basically they lock you in a room with the enclosure and you just sit there on some comfy pillows – since moving around could accidentally injure the lemur, they jump and roll around very fast.  Then the guide opens the enclosure and lets the lemurs run all over the room (and jump on your head – which was awesome).

While each Lemur Encounter can host up to six guests, no else reserved our time slot so K & I had the whole room to ourselves! Just six amazing lemurs and our very knowledgeable Lemur Guide. And wow, lemurs are super soft, adorably playful and ridiculously cute especially when they are jumping. I think it’s the raised hands – very 1920s movie villain paired with very cat-like behavior. They love tummy rubs and a lot of their adorable lemur antics reminded me of Coco and Tik Tok.

Also, lemurs exist in a matriarchal family structure (down with the patriarchy!) so Madagascar should have had Queen Juliana instead of King Julian – thanks knowledgeable Lemur Guide! We took about 400 photos so stay tuned for the next six months of lemur posts, but to get you excited for the approaching lemur onslaught – here are a few other things I learned during our Lemur Encounter at Jungle Island.

1. Lemurs love laps!

playful lemurs

the Lemur Puppet Master Pulls his strings

baby lemur cuddles

Cuddling with my little lemur friend

cuddly baby lemur

Will Cuddle 4 Hugs

2. Lemurs always look like they are planning some kind of mischief

plotting lemurs

What? I’m just thinking about…butterflies

3. Lemurs have amazingly cute hands and feet that are almost always in the air

lemur hand close up

Look at those cool lemur hands/feet!

4. Lemurs love to nibble on fingers, human hair and shoes

lemur nibbling on shoe

Nom Nom Nom

5. This guy is my new hero

silly lemur waving

How ya doin’?

And if it wasn’t already obvious, this was really one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced (and apparently Jungle Island is the only place in the world that lets you interact with red lemurs). I think K and I will definitely have to find another occasion to celebrate with the lemurs soon. Now I’m hooked.


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Baby Fennec Foxes

Sure the vast majority of baby animals are cute, but these baby Fennec Foxes surely deserve a special shout out in the adorable department.  Known for their long ears and overall tiny size, Fennec Foxes are about as small as they come and are typically found in the deserts of North Africa. But luckily, South Floridians can see these cute little guys up close and in  person if you live near West Palm Beach.  The Palm Beach Zoo, which I highly recommend visiting, just announced the birth of 5 new fennec foxes. I cannot get over those ears! Hooray for Spring!

Baby Fennec Foxes

Speak Up, I can't hear you with my tiny ears! (Photo via the Palm Beach Zoo/Brett Bartek )

In addition to being a rad zoo with lots of adorable animals to wave at, the  Palm Beach Zoo has successfully seen the birth of 13 of these adorable foxes since starting a  survival plan  in 1995. So if you find yourself in South Florida anytime soon, swing by the zoo and say hello to the newest members of their growing fennec family. Story via the Sun Sentinel

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Baby Bobcats FTW!

On the expert advice of the wonderful and amazing Tricia W., Mr. K and I went over to Green Cay bright and early Sunday morning to look for some baby bobcats. It’s Spring and apparently this is the time for tiny wild cat spotting, so off we went and we did indeed see many wonderful birds and animals, including this adorable  bobkitten. Take a look at this cute little guy!

Baby Bobcat walking through Green Cay

Baby Bobcat on the hunt Pic by Yours Truly

So I saw this adorable bobkitten hobble out of some brush and then sneak under a fence to get down to the lake below. The whole scene was pretty squee inducing, but I’ll the pics speak for themselves. Enjoy!baby bobcat on the hunt

Baby Bobcat down at the Lake

Baby bobcat walking down to the watering hole

Baby Bobcat taking a water break

So cute right? Ridic! I also got a pretty cool pic of a Limpkin, which I plan on posting this week as well so stayed turned for more Green Cay adventures!


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Too Cute Sloths! AKA -The Return of Sloth Wednesday

It’s Sloth Wednesday yet again! First, I think we need to work together as a group to make Sloth Wednesday a real, ongoing thing and eventually a weekly holiday complete with t-shirts and such. Anyway, hooray for sloths! As you probably know unless you’ve never been here before, I have a serious love of sloths. They are adorable and all they want to do is hang out, hug, eat upsidedown and hug some more. I was lucky enough to see some amazing sloths in person when I went to Costa Rica last year, and while I was glad I saw at least 1 happy sloth friend in the wild, my biggest regret was not being able to make it to the Sloth Sanctuary located on the other side of the country from where I was staying.

Alas! But thankfully Animal Planet is trying to make it right and is premiering a special called Too Cute Sloths about that special sloth sanctuary. Hopefully this special will tide me over for awhile. And here’s the trailer!

Overwhelming. Sloth. Cuteness. Cannot. Resist. Urge. To. Snuggle.

Check out Slothville for more amazing sloth cuteness!


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Our Favorite (No Longer Abandoned) Ginger Seal Pup Gets a Webcam!

Hooray, it’s a Ginger Seal Pup update! You remember this little guy, big sweet eyes, amazing ginger fur, abandoned by mean seal parents for being different? Hang on, let me offer this heartmelting reminder:

Aborable Ginger Baby Seal from Russia

The Cutest Ginger Seal Pup Ever Pic by Anatoly Strakhov

Well, the last time we heard about this little seal he was saved by a friendly photographer who then got him a new home in a Dolphinarium in Russia. Apparently he’s doing great and has quite an appetite. In fact, he’s become so popular at the Dolphinarium that now all of us Ginger Seal fans can check up on our little buddy with  live webcam broadcasts between 7 AM and 1 PM UK time.  Have fun not getting any work done today, or I guess tonight since the UK is a few hours ahead of us here in EST.

Update via Jezebel


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