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Michonne & Her Pets: a Walking Dead POP! Vinyl Diorama

I had so much fun making my Wizard of Oz POP! Vinyl Diorama a few weeks ago I that decided I would continue creating silly new display boxes if any additional POP! Vinyls should happen to join my rather random toy collection. I didn’t really anticipate buying any new figures so quickly, but I went to Tate’s Comics last week for an art opening in the Bear + Bird Gallery (featuring amazing Lenticular Artwork by Kerry Tichenor)  and while I was there I spotted my all time favorite Walking Dead character (books & show), Michonne! And the set even included her two pets. It wasn’t even a question, Michonne was coming home with me. She is like Queen BAMF of my heart.

And so I went about finding the right size shoebox and collecting twigs and sorting through my stash of moss to create a desolate woodland setting for her to conquer with bad-assery.  I went with a pretty simplistic layout, mostly because they included so much detail on the vinyls (check out that splatter), I just wanted them to remain the most interesting part of the scene.

Which POP Vinyls! should I get next?

Michonne Walking Dead Pets POP! Vinyls

“They Don’t Feel a Thing”


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A Little Side Gator to Get You Through the Afternoon

It’s Friday, and I for one am ready for the weekend. But until the last few hours of the work week fade into oblivion, here’s a little gator action from the Florida Aquarium. This, ladies and gentleman, is one alligator who knows how to wile away the hours like a pro. Anyone want to go for a swim?

Underwater Gator at Florida Aquarium

It’s Always Friday in Here

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Cute Holiday Gift Ideas 2012

Greetings friends. Nothing like a little last minute holiday shopping to make your spirits bright. But luckily that is why they invented the Internet, where the vast expanses of cyberspace are parted to reveal amazingly cute and discounted gift items that can be shipped overnight. I’ve been diligently crossing off all the names on my holiday gift list but as is the curse of gift shopping, I keep finding really cute things I just want to buy for myself. I haven’t caved in yet, but there will be some post-Christmas splurges–trust. Anyway, so here are a few of my favorite holidays gifts of 2012 that might be perfect for someone on your list, or yourself.

Check out this cute wallet shaped like an envelope from Modcloth. Love the Heart Stamp closure.

cute letter wallet

Just imagine your receipts are really love notes…via Modcloth

Or class up your friend’s living room with this adorable Phrenology of a Gentleman Poster from Shanalogic

Phrenology of a Gentleman Hipster Poster

Loving the Dapper-ism Bow Tie Section

I am definitely loving a few pieces from the Target + Neiman Marcus Designer Collaboration project that is going on right now, even if many of the items are a bit on the pricey side. However, this Tory Burch Lunch Box is the BEES KNEES, the KNEES I tell you! And it’s only $20.

Target/Neiman Marcus Tory Burch Lunch Box

Lunch with Burch? I’m down.

So I don’t actually have a dog right now, but I am still considering getting this Zombie Foot Dog Toy from ThinkGeek so my cats can stare at it….can I borrow your dog?

Dog Toy Shaped Like Zombie Foot

Bite Me Before I Bite You

Oooo the cuteness! Yay for the holidays as a fun excuse to buy adorable things for the people who make the rest of your year a little merrier. May your all your Amazon wish lists come to fruition.

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My What a Glittery Piranha You Are!

Fish by nature tend to spend most of their days swimming around (science!), so taking pictures of them, even in an aquarium setting can be difficult. In addition to dealing with lots of other people and glass reflections, lots of fish movement plus low-light can be a challenge for even the fanciest of fancy cameras. But sometimes you find a fish that just likes to hang out and let your pictures be great.

Piranhas, amazingly enough, are one of those fish and when I went to the Georgia Aquarium I was so very very excited to find a photo subject that just wanted to sit still for a second. I swear upon a stack of Anne Carson books that this picture is in no way Photoshopped or edited at all except to reduce the actual size of the photo to fit in the blog. This my friends is no fake fish trapped in glass but a perfectly still, super chill sparkly Piranha. Who could be scared of that face? I mean, you should be, I think a group of Piranhas can strip a goat carcass in like 5 minutes, but ya know, at the Aquarium at least, he looks kinda cute.

Perfectly Still Piranha at Georgia Aquarium

I’m a Star!

This bizarre moment in time captured by Yours Truly.

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Hammerhead Shark Halloween Costume for Dogs

It’s almost Halloween, which means along with finding new ways to make decidedly unsexy fictional characters into sexy  sexy outfits, we also get to see the incredible lengths people will go to force their unconditionally-loving animal friends into adorable yet slightly soul-crushing pet costumes. Hooray Halloween!

After the never-ending gift that is the Puss and Boots Cat Costume, I  knew that not just any faux-cowboy polyester vest or tiny cat hat would do. So I’ve been looking around, waiting to be amazed and then I discovered my new favorite puppy Halloween costume of all time! Behold Hammerhead Puppy!!!

Dog Halloween Costume Shark

I Will Bite Your Face Off for This!

Beware the seas for they are full of slobbering puppy sharks! That puppy may be slowly chewing your face off with his eyes but pictures of dogs dressed as a shark last forever. Plus, yr puppy friend will likely forgive you if you give him some bacon. Bacon is the ultimate gesture of contrition.

Puppy Shark Costume via


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AT-AT Pancakes for Hungry Star Wars Fans

It’s definitely been too long since I posted about something both adorable and edible, but I’m glad I waited since this is too amazing pants for words, and it combines the inherent awesomeness of PANCAKES with the timeless relevancy of Star Wars (and by proxy Oakland!)!

AT-AT Pancakes, Star Wars, Edible Art

Eat Yr Breakfast Before it Gets Colder Than Hoth! Zing! Pic via Jim's Pancakes

Jim’s Pancakes posted this adorable pic of an AT-AT pancake sculpture as well as directions on how to make your own edible AT-AT, if you dare.  Ideal for impressing yr favorite storm trooper, Sith Lord, or visiting relatives from ice planet Hoth, they almost look too cute to eat, but they are pancakes so I would personally not have any trouble chowing down on these awesome AT-ATs while cheering on the rebel alliance.

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New Goth My Little Pony from Comic Con 2011

Yay for adorable nerdery! Clearly there has been much hullabaloo surrounding Comic Con 2011, but along with all the highly anticipated movie trailers, star-studded panels and costume oogling, there are toys! Weee! And for us 80s babies, one particularly exciting Comic Con exclusive is the new limited edition My Little Pony that looks kinda looks like she was a graffitti victim at a goth carnival and I loves it! I’m also convinced that Hasboro has realized how many of us MLP fans grew up to be black clad Bauhas fans and responded appropriately. Yet fear not little darklings, if you need to get yr paws on this adorbs MLP, Hasboro will be offering a few on the Hasboro Toy Shop website after Comic Con fades to black.

My Little Pony Comic Con Exclusive 2011

Release the Bats! It's a Goth My Little Pony!P.S. - Don't Tell Her Bela Lugosi's Dead

Nice eyeliner.

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