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I made this!

Lemur Cuddle Pile

You asked for more lemurs (actually you didn’t explicitly), so you are getting more lemurs (this was inevitable)! As you may recall from a few days ago, I went to Jungle Island and met a pack of adorable baby lemurs! And among the many educational tidbits and squee-inducing memories I took away from that experience was that lemurs are big fans of the cuddle time. They also really dig jumping on each other and rolling around until they form a sort of furry bait ball – just a constantly rotating sphere of fluff and lemur feet. And then that breaks down into a cuddle for a few moments before they go jump on some other stuff. And so the cycle continues:


playful baby lemurs

Just Coming Up for Air

Cuddle Lap 1

it’s a lapful of lemurs

playing baby lemur

I’m Going to Hug You…Right Now!

They really are a bunch of photogenic prosimians. Even though chances are fairly high I’m going to post more lemur pics, K and I actually encountered a lot of cute animals during our time at Jungle Island, so stay tuned for even more amazing animal photography from Look Out! The Cute!

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Lemurs! Lemurs! Lemurs! I Met Some and We Cuddled

Last weekend K and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary in the absolute best possible way, by going to Jungle Island and letting an adorable pack of baby lemurs jump all over us for 25 minutes! Don’t believe such an experience could be even remotely possible???


Just Another Sunday Afternoon in Lemurville

Just Another Sunday Afternoon in Lemurville

Mind blown? Mine still is and I was there. It was just so surreal and amazing to interact with these amazing creatures. They were all under a year old and hand raised at the zoo so they are very socialized and like to be around people. So for the actual Lemur Encounter, they basically they lock you in a room with the enclosure and you just sit there on some comfy pillows – since moving around could accidentally injure the lemur, they jump and roll around very fast.  Then the guide opens the enclosure and lets the lemurs run all over the room (and jump on your head – which was awesome).

While each Lemur Encounter can host up to six guests, no else reserved our time slot so K & I had the whole room to ourselves! Just six amazing lemurs and our very knowledgeable Lemur Guide. And wow, lemurs are super soft, adorably playful and ridiculously cute especially when they are jumping. I think it’s the raised hands – very 1920s movie villain paired with very cat-like behavior. They love tummy rubs and a lot of their adorable lemur antics reminded me of Coco and Tik Tok.

Also, lemurs exist in a matriarchal family structure (down with the patriarchy!) so Madagascar should have had Queen Juliana instead of King Julian – thanks knowledgeable Lemur Guide! We took about 400 photos so stay tuned for the next six months of lemur posts, but to get you excited for the approaching lemur onslaught – here are a few other things I learned during our Lemur Encounter at Jungle Island.

1. Lemurs love laps!

playful lemurs

the Lemur Puppet Master Pulls his strings

baby lemur cuddles

Cuddling with my little lemur friend

cuddly baby lemur

Will Cuddle 4 Hugs

2. Lemurs always look like they are planning some kind of mischief

plotting lemurs

What? I’m just thinking about…butterflies

3. Lemurs have amazingly cute hands and feet that are almost always in the air

lemur hand close up

Look at those cool lemur hands/feet!

4. Lemurs love to nibble on fingers, human hair and shoes

lemur nibbling on shoe

Nom Nom Nom

5. This guy is my new hero

silly lemur waving

How ya doin’?

And if it wasn’t already obvious, this was really one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced (and apparently Jungle Island is the only place in the world that lets you interact with red lemurs). I think K and I will definitely have to find another occasion to celebrate with the lemurs soon. Now I’m hooked.


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DIY Adventures – Updating a Cute Curio Cabinet

K and I did a massive apartment clean-up this weekend, and as we were diligently figuring out how to tetris yet more boxes into our closet, I started noticing my over abundance of blind box treasures and how they really weren’t being displayed properly. So a few hours later as I was lugging bags of clothes and old books to Goodwill, I peaked inside to see if there was anything that would aid me in my storage/display quest. And voila! A $5 tabletop curio cabinet appeared as if by the generous hand of fate. The bad news? It was a little on the gross side, lots of stains and some kind of clear liquid dripping down the glass (I think it was soap)  as well as a boring white laminate finish. boo. I knew this cabinet had unrealized greatness just waiting to be discovered so I hit Joann’s Fabrics with my faithful sidekick Patrick and got right to work.

This is the original white curio cabinet I purchased from Goodwill (I did give it a thorough cleaning to remove as much gunk and stains as I could):

tabletop curio cabinet DIY Makeover

This boring white cabinet is pleading for help

To complete this amazing transformation I relied on the following useful items:

Folk Art Acrylic Paint in Green Sea and paint brushes

Scrapbook Paper (for the walls, back areas and “floors” for the interior of each box level)

Sponge Brush

DIY Modge Podge (equal parts Elmer’s Glue and Water shaken in a jar)

Cute new knob and some wood/glass/ceramic glue to attach it

Basically I used the paint to brighten up the outside of the cabinet and my amazing scrapbook paper  to decorate the inside areas of the box. I love scrapbook paper, they sell TONS of different kinds and they are amazing for miniatures and tiny sets since they can easily resemble wallpaper and carpet patterns.

DIY curio cabinet upgrade

A new coat of a paint and a stylish new interior work wonders

diy display case update

high style on a low budget

After letting the paint dry and going back for touch-ups, I used the DIY modge podge mixture to adhere the scrapbook squares to the inside of the cabinet. I’m not an expert ‘podger by any means so I ended up with some wrinkles, but of course I think that adds to the appeal. There are a bunch of tools and Modge Podge tutorials out there if you are looking for more guidance on these types of crafts.  Another great aspect of using the scrapbook paper is that when you buy a pack, you are basically guaranteed to find a variety of patterns/solids that naturally complement each other. I decided to go with a pattern for the floors and back walls but left the sides neutral. This is also because I didn’t want the box itself to overshadow the cool toys it was going to display.

While I could have used an actual knob to replace the white wooden blob the original cabinet came with, I found these cute little scrapbook accessory knobs at Joann’s so I had to use some wood/ceramic glue to attach it. There are still a few rough edges I need to trim with an x-acto knife, but overall I think the project turned out really well and will serve as the perfect display case for my rapidly expanding random toy collection.

cool green curio cabinet

At last, a stylish curio cabinet with a timeless allure

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Michonne & Her Pets: a Walking Dead POP! Vinyl Diorama

I had so much fun making my Wizard of Oz POP! Vinyl Diorama a few weeks ago I that decided I would continue creating silly new display boxes if any additional POP! Vinyls should happen to join my rather random toy collection. I didn’t really anticipate buying any new figures so quickly, but I went to Tate’s Comics last week for an art opening in the Bear + Bird Gallery (featuring amazing Lenticular Artwork by Kerry Tichenor)  and while I was there I spotted my all time favorite Walking Dead character (books & show), Michonne! And the set even included her two pets. It wasn’t even a question, Michonne was coming home with me. She is like Queen BAMF of my heart.

And so I went about finding the right size shoebox and collecting twigs and sorting through my stash of moss to create a desolate woodland setting for her to conquer with bad-assery.  I went with a pretty simplistic layout, mostly because they included so much detail on the vinyls (check out that splatter), I just wanted them to remain the most interesting part of the scene.

Which POP Vinyls! should I get next?

Michonne Walking Dead Pets POP! Vinyls

“They Don’t Feel a Thing”


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Swimming with Sea Turtles in Maui

Hey There! I just got back from a super fantastic vacation in Maui and it was a treasure trove of adorable animal encounters. K and I spent a lot of time snorkeling and hit some really great spots including Molokini (a volcanic crater) and Coral Gardens, which is where I spotted a super cute green sea turtle! It was pretty amazing, and even living in South Florida near where lots of sea turtles lay their eggs, it was still such an incredible thrill to be in the water with one.

It should go without saying, but if you do ever encounter a sea turtle or other underwater creature, just let it do its thing, don’t try to touch it or ride it or hug it (tempting as it may be). These are special creatures and they just need to hang out without people being all weird on them. And even at a non-threatening distance I was still able to get some pretty cool pictures with my new underwater camera (the colors aren’t super bright because I was zooming in from that safe distance I was referring to).

sea turtle encounter Maui

sea turtle friend swimming in Coral Gardens, Maui

Sea Turtle swimming at Coral Gardens, Maui

check out those flippers!

sea turtle maui, hawaii

swimming through the coral

Stay tuned for even more fun fish photos from Maui coming soon.


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Wizard of Oz Diorama of Awesomeness

I have a wonderful husband. Just putting that out there. For my birthday he gave me two super rad Wizard of Oz vinyls to celebrate my obsession of L. Frank Baum amazingness. But how to display my new friends? It was clear from the start that not just any shelf would do, so I took a box we had lying around, did a quick craft run for some extra felt and glitter glue, and a few hours later I had this, the perfect display setting for Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West to duke it out in the shadow of the Emerald City.

Wizard of Oz Craft

The road to Oz is paved with good intentions and lots of felt.

I had a lot of fun working on this project, but I have to say finding the little red pom poms to use as the poppies actually made me shriek with delight at the craft store. It’s the little things. And when we add to this new collection I’ll get to create even more Wizard of Oz dioramas since I don’t think I could fit more than one additional vinyl in this particular display. I’m also hoping that maybe one day they will venture beyond the first book because I need a Tik Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead and Ozma like yesterday.


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A Little Side Gator to Get You Through the Afternoon

It’s Friday, and I for one am ready for the weekend. But until the last few hours of the work week fade into oblivion, here’s a little gator action from the Florida Aquarium. This, ladies and gentleman, is one alligator who knows how to wile away the hours like a pro. Anyone want to go for a swim?

Underwater Gator at Florida Aquarium

It’s Always Friday in Here

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