Lemur Cuddle Pile

You asked for more lemurs (actually you didn’t explicitly), so you are getting more lemurs (this was inevitable)! As you may recall from a few days ago, I went to Jungle Island and met a pack of adorable baby lemurs! And among the many educational tidbits and squee-inducing memories I took away from that experience was that lemurs are big fans of the cuddle time. They also really dig jumping on each other and rolling around until they form a sort of furry bait ball – just a constantly rotating sphere of fluff and lemur feet. And then that breaks down into a cuddle for a few moments before they go jump on some other stuff. And so the cycle continues:


playful baby lemurs

Just Coming Up for Air

Cuddle Lap 1

it’s a lapful of lemurs

playing baby lemur

I’m Going to Hug You…Right Now!

They really are a bunch of photogenic prosimians. Even though chances are fairly high I’m going to post more lemur pics, K and I actually encountered a lot of cute animals during our time at Jungle Island, so stay tuned for even more amazing animal photography from Look Out! The Cute!


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