Great Horned Owl Says “WHOOOO You Looking At?”

I know, so cheesy but this gorgeous owl (like most owls) knows how to give good face. It’s all in the eyes, and this guy looks like he’s ready to school you on the art of posing. Amazingly enough, this beautiful Great Horned Owl lives at the Florida Aquarium. There’s actually a really cool Aviary/Mangrove Fish section that features a bunch of ducks and moorhens and roseate spoonbills and this super cool owl friend.

Great Horned Owl at Florida Aquarium


There were also a few cute turtles like this little guy soaking up some sun.

Turtle Sitting on a Log at Florida Aquarium

Awww Yeah

I was so happy about the Penguin Encounter I wasn’t even prepared for how cool the rest of the aquarium is. Stay tuned for even more adorable animal pics our adventure to the Florida Aquarium.


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