The Day I Met a Penguin

Hey Friends!

In what can only be described as the best possible thing to ever happen, I have made contact with a real life penguin. Kaleb and I drove up to Tampa over the weekend and went to the Florida Aquarium and purchased the Penguin Backstage Pass and we met, touched and cuddled with a real life penguin — actually, we got to hang out in a room full of penguins and got to pet and interact with a few of them. I KNOW, it’s like I dreamed it into being! After all these years of talking about going to Cape Town and hoping for some weird universe where I could find myself in actual proximity to a real life penguin without a sheet of glass between us, it actually happened.

And you know what? They are super soft!

I thought the feathers were gonna feel sort of slick and maybe even a little oily (they did feel sleeker once they were wet — yes I also got a pet a penguin while it was splashing around in a kiddie pool — I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP). It was surreal and wonderful and the excessive cap locks tell you just how serious I am.  But yeah, super soft like short-haired puppy. Who knew? But enough of all this rambling on, I know what you came here for. Check out my amazing penguin encounter:

We had such a fun time learning more about the penguins and watching them get all excited when you pet them. The cute little guys we met were really socialized so they LOVED all the attention and cuddles from everyone (the group was thankfully super small, just 8 of us total). If anyone finds themselves in the Tampa Bay Area I would highly suggest going to the Aquarium. In addition to these amazing penguins, they had a lot of really cool exhibits and I’ll be posting some new cute animal pics in the days to come. Need a little more cute to make your day complete? Ok, I live to serve:

Meeting a Penguin at Florida Aquarium Cute Penguin Portrait Penguins Kissing



March 12, 2013 · 3:00 pm

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