Pablo’s Newest Penguin Babies

Another successful mating season has gone by for my adopted penguin Pablo, who you may recall lives on Magdalena Island off the coast of Chile. I always look forward to my Pablo updates, but of course pictures of my new penguin grandbabies are an especially wonderful treat. Look at the fuzz on these little guys! Have you ever seen more adorable penguin chicks? I’m sure everyone says that about their grandkids, but it’s hard to argue when you look at those sweet little faces.

Cute Baby Penguin Chicks

Baby Penguins from Magdalena Island, Chile

These aren’t my first penguin grandbabies, but they are a very welcome and very adorable addition to the family. Pablo’s adoption is through, which is a great organization that does a lot of important penguin research and conversation efforts in Chile and Argentina. You can adopt your own Penguin friend through Seabirds or buy an adoption as a gift for the penguin appreciator in your life. Pablo’s adoption was actually an anniversary present from Kaleb about 5 or so years ago, and we renew the adoption every year as part of our anniversary celebrations. Pretty sweet, I know. I told you it’s a good gift.


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