Ticklish Penguin Laughing Up a Storm

OK, breathe….breathe…..This is kind of a big deal. Penguins are apparently ticklish and they have something resembling a laugh. I feel like I have to qualify it a little bit because YES it is obviously totally adorable and wonderous and heart melting to see Cookie the tiny penguin (I can’t even with that name, will the cuteness ever cease?!?!) buckle over from getting the tickle giggles, and yet, even I can appreciate that the noises coming out of this adorable penguin from the Cincinnati Zoo kinda sound like a demon possession from a B horror film.

But let’s stay focused shall we? What we know: At least some Penguins can feel the tickles and make resulting happy noises!!! Rejoice!

What we can assume: I will soon be planning an extended visit to Ohio

You’re seriously going to pee yourself from the squeeing.


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