Waving Beaver Says Hi

Ok dirty birds, I’m talking about a literal beaver here. Get yr minds back in PG territory and check out this adorable video of a Beaver at the Oregon Zoo waving back to a little kid. It’s pretty heart melting for obvious reasons but I have a soft spot for waving animals in general. When I was a but an impressionable teen I read a SARK book where she told an anecdote about waving to a squirrel who waved back and then having a relative or friend have a similar experience with a waving squirrel. I think since that time I’ve waved at probably about 2,000 squirrels to no such effect, but you know the next time I see one I’m still going to wave and this happy little beaver has given me hope that one day, some adorable animal friend is going to wave back. LIVE THE DREAM!

Link via Dlisted.


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One response to “Waving Beaver Says Hi

  1. Wonderful clip – thanks!

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