Cute Holiday Gift Ideas 2012

Greetings friends. Nothing like a little last minute holiday shopping to make your spirits bright. But luckily that is why they invented the Internet, where the vast expanses of cyberspace are parted to reveal amazingly cute and discounted gift items that can be shipped overnight. I’ve been diligently crossing off all the names on my holiday gift list but as is the curse of gift shopping, I keep finding really cute things I just want to buy for myself. I haven’t caved in yet, but there will be some post-Christmas splurges–trust. Anyway, so here are a few of my favorite holidays gifts of 2012 that might be perfect for someone on your list, or yourself.

Check out this cute wallet shaped like an envelope from Modcloth. Love the Heart Stamp closure.

cute letter wallet

Just imagine your receipts are really love notes…via Modcloth

Or class up your friend’s living room with this adorable Phrenology of a Gentleman Poster from Shanalogic

Phrenology of a Gentleman Hipster Poster

Loving the Dapper-ism Bow Tie Section

I am definitely loving a few pieces from the Target + Neiman Marcus Designer Collaboration project that is going on right now, even if many of the items are a bit on the pricey side. However, this Tory Burch Lunch Box is the BEES KNEES, the KNEES I tell you! And it’s only $20.

Target/Neiman Marcus Tory Burch Lunch Box

Lunch with Burch? I’m down.

So I don’t actually have a dog right now, but I am still considering getting this Zombie Foot Dog Toy from ThinkGeek so my cats can stare at it….can I borrow your dog?

Dog Toy Shaped Like Zombie Foot

Bite Me Before I Bite You

Oooo the cuteness! Yay for the holidays as a fun excuse to buy adorable things for the people who make the rest of your year a little merrier. May your all your Amazon wish lists come to fruition.


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