Oh Look, Cute Wedding Shoes!

Hey There! Remember me? I know it’s been awhile and there’s been a lot of cute that has gone unreported, but I’m back and ready to navigate the vast expanses of the Internet for adorable curiosities and heart-warming tales from the animal kingdom. Also, I got married a few weeks ago and made a bunch of cute (and super inexpensive) crafty decor for the wedding that I’m going to talk about in an upcoming blog post. Budget brides FTW!

Anyway, I’m not normally a shoe person but I went all out for the wedding since I purchased a tea length dress. Check out these bright blue sparklers:

Spotlight Blue Heel

Blue Heels that Command a Spotlight


Amazing as they are, I couldn’t possibly dance in those bad boys all night (alas I am not a frequent wearer of high heels) so I purchased these gorgeous 1930s-ish kitten heels on clearance from BLHDN. It was a super score.

Star Heels at the Wedding

Seeing Stars During the First Dance (pic by Deanna McDonald)

I’m also hoping to get find some adorable holiday gift items to drool over this season. I’ve already got my eye on these adorbs cat meme coasters from Shanalogic. Have any personal favorites? Send them over to lookoutthecute@gmail.com.


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