My What a Glittery Piranha You Are!

Fish by nature tend to spend most of their days swimming around (science!), so taking pictures of them, even in an aquarium setting can be difficult. In addition to dealing with lots of other people and glass reflections, lots of fish movement plus low-light can be a challenge for even the fanciest of fancy cameras. But sometimes you find a fish that just likes to hang out and let your pictures be great.

Piranhas, amazingly enough, are one of those fish and when I went to the Georgia Aquarium I was so very very excited to find a photo subject that just wanted to sit still for a second. I swear upon a stack of Anne Carson books that this picture is in no way Photoshopped or edited at all except to reduce the actual size of the photo to fit in the blog. This my friends is no fake fish trapped in glass but a perfectly still, super chill sparkly Piranha. Who could be scared of that face? I mean, you should be, I think a group of Piranhas can strip a goat carcass in like 5 minutes, but ya know, at the Aquarium at least, he looks kinda cute.

Perfectly Still Piranha at Georgia Aquarium

I’m a Star!

This bizarre moment in time captured by Yours Truly.


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One response to “My What a Glittery Piranha You Are!

  1. I believe this fish fell out of a Twilight book…

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