Rad Octopus is Rad

Or perhaps Red Octopus is Red. Either way, this fantastic octopus is not exactly the shy type. A little back story, Octopuses are nocturnal and aren’t typically in love with crowds, so most times when you see an Octopus Exhibit at an Aquarium it usually looks like an empty tank with a bunch of rocks and then maybe you see a tentacle or 2 peaking out from some dark corner, but that’s about it.

Ya know, it is what it is. I love Octopuses but I can appreciate they don’t work on my schedule. So imagine my surprise when I went to the Georgia Aquarium and at like 9:05 AM (yes that is 5 minutes after it opened and yes I did wait on line to be the second person in the Aquarium that morning) I walk by the Octopus tank and well, someone felt like performing.

Behold, Exhibitionist Octopus!

Octopus Saying Hi From Georgia Aquarium

Welcome to My Kingdom

Octopus Spreading His Legs at Georgia Aquarium
All Your Glass Will Be Mine

Octopus Showing His Tentacles
Check out These Tentacles

Octopus Performing at Georgia Aquarium
If Octopi Had Feet, This is What Would be Referred to as Fancy Footwork





I said Good Day, Sir.

All Pics by Yours Truly


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