Whale Shark Wednesday

Before we get to the good stuff, Yes I realize my trip to the Georgia Aquarium was several weeks ago and Yes, you were promised amazing whale shark pictures which you probably assumed meant within a few hours/days of that trip. Er…sorry. Sometimes you can’t rush perfection, which would be relevant if I had Photoshopped these images at all, but I didn’t and yet here we are at long last.

Welcome to Whale Shark Wednesday!

As you know, Whale Sharks are totally up in my Top 5 Animals I’m Typically Obsessed With (along with Sloths!) and while I have seen many pictures of whale sharks in the wild and was quite aware they grow to over 30 Feet, I was just blown away by the amazingness of seeing them in person. They are so gigantic and graceful and their mouths kinda look like a smirk sometimes and I definitely spent about 3 hours staring at them on my birthday, officially making it one of the best birthdays of all time.

So, please enjoy a few pictures from one of my happiest days and do yourselves a favor and check out the Georgia Aquarium if you’ve never been there. Atlanta is lovely and everyone we met there was super nice.

Whale Shark at Georgia AquariumFans Looking at the Whale Shark at Georgia Aquarium

Whale Shark Swimming at Georgia Aquarium

Whale Shark to Coming to Greet You


Aren’t they dreamy?? All pics by Yours Truly and Kaleb G.



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