Smiling Otters

Get ready to Squee. So on our exciting trip to Flamingo Gardens last week we managed to find the otters during feeding time which means  I have all kinds of adorable pictures of otters being adorable and snacking away (while trying to fend off a LOT of birds equally interested in fish treats). But this particular shot really blew me away. Look at that vampire smile! Silly otters are the best.

Smiling Otter Eating some Fish

Say Cheese!

Need another shot of otter cuteness? Take a gander at this happy little guy!

Otter Smiling at Camera

Got Fish?

Check out the Ibis photobomb in the top corner of the pic below. You know he’s keeping an eye on those flying fishes.

Cute Otter Sticking Out Tongue

Get Away from My Lunch


All pictures by Yours Truly (thank you very much).



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