Bobcat Kisses

So the best part of having out-of-town guests is getting to take them to touristy-type places you don’t usually get to go to, and this past weekend we took Mr. K’s parents down to Flamingo Gardens. In addition to some beautiful flamingos (pics to come), smiling otters (you know I got you covered there) and flamboyant peacocks (it’s mating seasons so full-on plumage displays await!), we got to see these two adorable bobcat brothersĀ  giving each other a tongue bath. It was especially cute since they were napping on opposite sides of the enclosure before Brother A decided Brother B needed a good groomin’. And with my new fancy Digital SLR, I was able to capture all the cuteness in a much higher quality pic than usual. Get ready to make some embarrassing Awwww noises!

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3 responses to “Bobcat Kisses

  1. clay

    How sweet! They are so beautiful

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