Baby Fennec Foxes

Sure the vast majority of baby animals are cute, but these baby Fennec Foxes surely deserve a special shout out in the adorable department.  Known for their long ears and overall tiny size, Fennec Foxes are about as small as they come and are typically found in the deserts of North Africa. But luckily, South Floridians can see these cute little guys up close and in  person if you live near West Palm Beach.  The Palm Beach Zoo, which I highly recommend visiting, just announced the birth of 5 new fennec foxes. I cannot get over those ears! Hooray for Spring!

Baby Fennec Foxes

Speak Up, I can't hear you with my tiny ears! (Photo via the Palm Beach Zoo/Brett Bartek )

In addition to being a rad zoo with lots of adorable animals to wave at, the  Palm Beach Zoo has successfully seen the birth of 13 of these adorable foxes since starting a  survival plan  in 1995. So if you find yourself in South Florida anytime soon, swing by the zoo and say hello to the newest members of their growing fennec family. Story via the Sun Sentinel


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