Baby Bobcats FTW!

On the expert advice of the wonderful and amazing Tricia W., Mr. K and I went over to Green Cay bright and early Sunday morning to look for some baby bobcats. It’s Spring and apparently this is the time for tiny wild cat spotting, so off we went and we did indeed see many wonderful birds and animals, including this adorable  bobkitten. Take a look at this cute little guy!

Baby Bobcat walking through Green Cay

Baby Bobcat on the hunt Pic by Yours Truly

So I saw this adorable bobkitten hobble out of some brush and then sneak under a fence to get down to the lake below. The whole scene was pretty squee inducing, but I’ll the pics speak for themselves. Enjoy!baby bobcat on the hunt

Baby Bobcat down at the Lake

Baby bobcat walking down to the watering hole

Baby Bobcat taking a water break

So cute right? Ridic! I also got a pretty cool pic of a Limpkin, which I plan on posting this week as well so stayed turned for more Green Cay adventures!



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3 responses to “Baby Bobcats FTW!

  1. So jealous and happy for you!

    • Look Out! The Cute!

      I was so wishing you were there with us! I told Kaleb between the bobkitties and the otter spotting you might stop being my friend! lol

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