Too Cute Sloths! AKA -The Return of Sloth Wednesday

It’s Sloth Wednesday yet again! First, I think we need to work together as a group to make Sloth Wednesday a real, ongoing thing and eventually a weekly holiday complete with t-shirts and such. Anyway, hooray for sloths! As you probably know unless you’ve never been here before, I have a serious love of sloths. They are adorable and all they want to do is hang out, hug, eat upsidedown and hug some more. I was lucky enough to see some amazing sloths in person when I went to Costa Rica last year, and while I was glad I saw at least 1 happy sloth friend in the wild, my biggest regret was not being able to make it to the Sloth Sanctuary located on the other side of the country from where I was staying.

Alas! But thankfully Animal Planet is trying to make it right and is premiering a special called Too Cute Sloths about that special sloth sanctuary. Hopefully this special will tide me over for awhile. And here’s the trailer!

Overwhelming. Sloth. Cuteness. Cannot. Resist. Urge. To. Snuggle.

Check out Slothville for more amazing sloth cuteness!



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2 responses to “Too Cute Sloths! AKA -The Return of Sloth Wednesday

  1. clay

    Can’t help but smile while watching this!
    Very cute

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