Our Favorite (No Longer Abandoned) Ginger Seal Pup Gets a Webcam!

Hooray, it’s a Ginger Seal Pup update! You remember this little guy, big sweet eyes, amazing ginger fur, abandoned by mean seal parents for being different? Hang on, let me offer this heartmelting reminder:

Aborable Ginger Baby Seal from Russia

The Cutest Ginger Seal Pup Ever Pic by Anatoly Strakhov

Well, the last time we heard about this little seal he was saved by a friendly photographer who then got him a new home in a Dolphinarium in Russia. Apparently he’s doing great and has quite an appetite. In fact, he’s become so popular at the Dolphinarium that now all of us Ginger Seal fans can check up on our little buddy with  live webcam broadcasts between 7 AM and 1 PM UK time.  Have fun not getting any work done today, or I guess tonight since the UK is a few hours ahead of us here in EST.

Update via Jezebel



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