The New Tattooed, Pink-Haired Barbie I Would Have Loved When I was 8

So much buzz over a little paint and dye job! Check out the new radtastic pink-haired, tatted up Tokidoki Barbie, who some people think was sent to destroy today’s youth:

Pink-Haired Tokidoki Barbie Doll with Tattoos

I’m Totes Alternative, Get Over It!

Personally, I’m loving the pink hair and neck tats and I think overall, it’s pretty tasteful for a Barbie that I suppose is exploring some kinda of pop-punk, glammy-goth  mixed with the Sailor Jerry/Tokyo-inspired  sub-culture. This is a lady who knows what she likes and refuses to commit to a single stereotype, which is a bit refreshing actually. Mix it up peeps! Apparently some people are clutching their pearls over this, but I think they are forgetting one very important fact. This Barbie is a PALE shadow of the glory that is the one and only Pink-Haired Beauty Icon of Children’s Toys from the 80s:

Jem and the Holograms Doll 1980s Cartoon

All Hail JEM, the Original Pink!

That’s right, JEM (who is Truly, Truly Outrageous) the sparkling glam goddess of 80s fictional rockstars. The fishnets!  the teased pink/blonde hair! The glitter! Playing with JEM dolls (and Kimber and Shayna, etc) as a kid definitely led to my teen/early 20s of wearing every hair color, glittery sequin thrift store find and mini skirt in sight; and yet amazingly enough, I’ve still ended up being a productive member of society with a couple of college degrees and the creator of this amazing blog. So, maybe we should all stop over-thinking this and just sit down and watch JEM! the Movie! for the 100th time – which is what I’ll be doing later tonight (yes, I have it on VHS, taped from TV in the 80s with commercials and everything, like it should be).  

Even though this spunky Tokidoki Barbie is currently sold out, I’m sure not all hope is lost if you are on the side of NEEDING this in yr life. I, on the other hand, will be scouring Ebay for the JEM dolls of my childhood and trying to remember all the words to Deception. That was the best JEM song ever.


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