Start Knitting! These Penguins Need Sweaters!

I know this sounds like a joke, but it’s actually not. There was a terrible oil spill near New Zealand a few weeks back and lots of adorable penguin friends have been affected.  While there are  people helping with the clean up efforts, the oiled covered penguins need to stay warm and be kept from poisoning themselves by trying to clean their own oily feathers, while they wait in some kinda of penguin cleaning assembly line. That is where the sweaters come in.

penguins wearing sweaters, oil spill clean up

Looking Sweet and Feeling Good! Thanks for the Sweaters!

Skeinz, a yarn store in New Zealand is organizing the Penguin Sweater Drive and if you click the link, they also have the measurements and directions (sweaters must be 100% wool) so you can knit a penguin sweater and join in the rescue efforts.  I cannot knit, so my job is to spread the word and hopefully you’ll do the same or use your mad skills to start making adorably functional penguin sweaters! Tiny penguin friends need your help!

Call to action and More Info via Jezebel


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