Hammerhead Shark Halloween Costume for Dogs

It’s almost Halloween, which means along with finding new ways to make decidedly unsexy fictional characters into sexy  sexy outfits, we also get to see the incredible lengths people will go to force their unconditionally-loving animal friends into adorable yet slightly soul-crushing pet costumes. Hooray Halloween!

After the never-ending gift that is the Puss and Boots Cat Costume, I  knew that not just any faux-cowboy polyester vest or tiny cat hat would do. So I’ve been looking around, waiting to be amazed and then I discovered my new favorite puppy Halloween costume of all time! Behold Hammerhead Puppy!!!

Dog Halloween Costume Shark

I Will Bite Your Face Off for This!

Beware the seas for they are full of slobbering puppy sharks! That puppy may be slowly chewing your face off with his eyes but pictures of dogs dressed as a shark last forever. Plus, yr puppy friend will likely forgive you if you give him some bacon. Bacon is the ultimate gesture of contrition.

Puppy Shark Costume via BuyCostumes.com



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2 responses to “Hammerhead Shark Halloween Costume for Dogs

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  2. kahlua cocktail

    It was nice to read your post. Thank you for posting this piece!

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