…And Then There Was Dog Raptor

It’s Halloween madness out there. Pet costume season is in full swing and just when I was trying to calculate how many kitten tranquilizers it would take to get Tik Tok Apocalypse into a Hammerhead Shark Costume (no worries, I would NEVER, she’s too smart for such transparent tactics anyway), what stares me right in the face but a Puppy Raptor!

Dinosaur Dog Costume Raptor

I Will Make You Extinct!

I cannot believe there are animals that would allow someone to put this amazing raptor costume on them, but oh how I wish I knew one! On the plus side, if I actually had tiny raptor dogs scurrying around my apartment I probably wouldn’t get anything done ever again since I’d be too busy making Jurassic Park parodies with my amazingly low-budget Radioshack video camera.

Dog Raptor Costume via BuyCostumes.com


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