Red Panda Naming Contest!

Who doesn’t love a baby panda? Especially little baby Red Pandas, who take cuteness to another level of cute.  Well right now for the bargain basement price of $1 you can help name the newest Red Panda at Binder Park Zoo in Michigan.

Baby Red Panda
I Haz a Name? Not yet little friend, but SOON!

You’ll get to choose from several adorable sounding options including: Dagan (which means “grain of rice” in Hebrew), Connolly (Gaelic for “Fierce” and Tyra Banks’ favorite option), Reid (“Red Haired” in Gaelic for fans of literal names), Xu (which apparently means “To Snort” in Chinese, which also sounds kinda like a mean nickname), and Di (which means “younger brother”,  in Chinese).

So choose wisely and give this little guy a name that won’t get him laughed at by the other zoo animals.

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