AT-AT Pancakes for Hungry Star Wars Fans

It’s definitely been too long since I posted about something both adorable and edible, but I’m glad I waited since this is too amazing pants for words, and it combines the inherent awesomeness of PANCAKES with the timeless relevancy of Star Wars (and by proxy Oakland!)!

AT-AT Pancakes, Star Wars, Edible Art

Eat Yr Breakfast Before it Gets Colder Than Hoth! Zing! Pic via Jim's Pancakes

Jim’s Pancakes posted this adorable pic of an AT-AT pancake sculpture as well as directions on how to make your own edible AT-AT, if you dare.  Ideal for impressing yr favorite storm trooper, Sith Lord, or visiting relatives from ice planet Hoth, they almost look too cute to eat, but they are pancakes so I would personally not have any trouble chowing down on these awesome AT-ATs while cheering on the rebel alliance.


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