Amazing Animal Art Made from Shoes!

I had the distinct pleasure of going to the Boca Raton Museum of Art the other night for the opening of the “World According to Ferderico Uribe” installation. I know that sounds pretty fancy pants, but I promise this will not delve into a post on the merits of contemporary art in the urban landscape. Okay, maybe a little. But only because the artist, Federico Uribe makes adorable animal sculptures out of Shoes and discarded plastic bits  and books and shoe laces and the result is AMAZING PANTS!

I suggest anyone hanging out in the South Florida area check out the installation (it’s up through December), because it is huge and super fun to walk through. There are clouds with shoelace rain hanging from the ceiling along with dozens of birds made from books parts, rivers of blue and green shoes laces, and lots of fantastical animals. Yay for fun, interactive art and reusing crazy materials. Ever seen a Puma made from Puma sneakers?

Here are a few pics I snagged with my cell phone camera from the show, but I was too busy running around like a 6-year-old  pointing at all the cool stuff to get very serious about the picture taking.

Meerkat Sculpture by Federic Uribe

Adorable Meerkat Sculpture Made of Shoes by Federico Uribe

And check out this amazing deer!

Deer Scultpure made of shoes by Federico Uribe

Oh Deer! Look at that Face! (and check out the bamboo shoots made from books in the background)


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One response to “Amazing Animal Art Made from Shoes!

  1. clay

    I so want that Meerkat sculpture. It is soooo cute.

    I miss the meerkats Thanks for the reminder of just how precious they are

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