New World’s Longest Cat Lives Up to Apt Title

Greetings! There’s been a recent crop of new Guinness World Record holders over the past few days, including this cute and gigantic Maine Coon named Stewie (yes, as in Family Guy). Maine Coons, in case you were unaware, are notoriously giant for kittehs and I love that they have M marks on their foreheads like they are all super heros.

Anyway, back to long cats being long. Stewie is crazy long, 48.5 inches to be exact. Luckily you can check out this cute cat video of Stewie showing just how tall cats do it, and worry about a future Planet of the Apes scenario starring giant people-size kittens. I know some people might refer to these giant future cats as Lions, but whateves, gigantic housecats seem more terrifying and yet, I still would totally want to hang out with one. Also, I think Stewie’s tail is actually longer than Tik Tok.

Via Jezebel


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