Ginger Seal Pup Will Turn Yr Frown Upside-Down

Baby Ginger Seal Pup From Russia

I Need a Hug Pic by Anatoly Strakhov

OK, this could have been filed under Sad Cute but it has a hopeful ending so I am focusing on the happy of this situation. Basically, a seal mommy gave birth to some pups on Tyuleniy Island in Russia. One of those adorable seal pups was sporting adorable Ginger fur instead of the typical black.

Aborable Ginger Baby Seal from Russia

But Izn't I the Cute?!? Yes You Are Little Buddy! Pic by Anatoly Strakhov

He is also mostly blind and because seals are apparently totes racist, the mom abandoned her pup due to the color of his fur. For Shame! The mostly-blindness meant the little guy couldn’t even feed himself and was spotted by Anatoly Strakhov (the photographer who took these pics), while hiding under some timber waiting for his mom to bring him  food, which she didn’t because she is basically a Disney villian.

So Strakhov took him to a Dolphinarium (hooray!) where he can be fed and cared for and become an adorable spokes-seal for differetly-abled Ginger animal friends. See, Happy Ending!

Thanks Dlisted via Daily Mail



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5 responses to “Ginger Seal Pup Will Turn Yr Frown Upside-Down


    omg i want it ITS SO CUTE IM GOING TO DIE i smell bad .. just saying

  2. Ai Klotzbach

    “In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two.” ~ Erich Fromm

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  4. Fallon Roloson

    “Love does not dominate; it cultivates.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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