Snail Ride

You’ll have to excuse the slight bluriness of this pic, which I took with my cell phone camera around dusk, but the cuteness is unmistakable. When little snails get a piggy-back ride from bigger snails, the world lets out a collective Awww.  I’ve seen some (and by some I mean probably like 500,000) Discovery Channel specials so I don’t think the snails are doing/preparing for the sexy times, but even if they are, good for them for being so adorable about it. And because Sponge Bob destroyed my brain cells back in my early college days, all snails are only and forever referred to as Gary. Meowing snails FTW!

Little Snail Riding a Bigger Snail


Just in case you don’t have a toddler or managed to avoid SpongeBob cartoons for the last 10 years, here you go:

Yay Gary!

Gary the Meowing Snail from SpongeBob





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2 responses to “Snail Ride

  1. Lisa

    Thanks for the latest “d’awwww” posts – they’ve been making my day lately.

    I used to have a plush Gary that meowed when you squeezed his shell. Time and use got the best of the voice box eventually and he began making demonic “MEROOOOW” noises until it finally shorted out completely. But for a while there it sounded like I had the kitty/snail version of Beelzebub on my dresser, lol.

    • Look Out! The Cute!

      Yay! You are very welcome. And that is a terrifying visual of your Gary Plush, but also an awesome one because I have to think the people that designed it must have known such shennigans were bound to occur. Devil Meow also sounds like it should be a band. Hmmmm….

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