Giant Dog Gives Giant Homecoming Welcome to Military Dad

Yay for heartwarming homecomings! I know how my girls are when I leave the house for like 8 hours so I can only imagine what would happen if I was gone for 9 months, which happens all the time if you happen to be an active member of the military. For our friends in the armed forces, leaving the family pet can be just as traumatic as leaving your people family members, and the homecoming equally awww-inducing. This is such a story.

I have to admit, part of the awesome of this video is that the dog is GIGANTIC and his name is Emmit Thunderpaws (EPIC WIN!!!). Get ready to shed a happy tear and go hug your nearest animal friend.

Link via Buzzfeed

In case you need more of this brand of adorable puppy/military homecoming happiness, check out this classic video of cute dogs welcoming home their military parents.



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