Your Monday Koala Moment

Hello! It’s Monday, which is kinda meh for most of us, so spend a moment or two looking at something else besides your clock by enjoying this friendly Koala, who I photographed between munching on some lunch at the West Palm Zoo over the weekend. Yay Koala!

Koala Bear Profile

It's Never Really Monday if You Are a Koala Bear

And here’s his buddy, who I managed to snap mid-scratch, yeah that’s his back leg scratching just behind his ear. Cuteness!

Koala Bear Scratching Ear at West Palm Zoo

Ahhh, That's the Spot!

Now back to your regularly scheduled slacking.


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One response to “Your Monday Koala Moment

  1. cabbage

    They had it made. Nice air conditioned room while all the sucker animals had to spend their time out doors. Very cute indeed.

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