New Goth My Little Pony from Comic Con 2011

Yay for adorable nerdery! Clearly there has been much hullabaloo surrounding Comic Con 2011, but along with all the highly anticipated movie trailers, star-studded panels and costume oogling, there are toys! Weee! And for us 80s babies, one particularly exciting Comic Con exclusive is the new limited edition My Little Pony that looks kinda looks like she was a graffitti victim at a goth carnival and I loves it! I’m also convinced that Hasboro has realized how many of us MLP fans grew up to be black clad Bauhas fans and responded appropriately. Yet fear not little darklings, if you need to get yr paws on this adorbs MLP, Hasboro will be offering a few on the Hasboro Toy Shop website after Comic Con fades to black.

My Little Pony Comic Con Exclusive 2011

Release the Bats! It's a Goth My Little Pony!P.S. - Don't Tell Her Bela Lugosi's Dead

Nice eyeliner.


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