Cuddly Logs Make Tree Hugging Less Painful

Yay for Crafty Crafts and the Crafty Craftsters who make them! That’s what I say anyway. I also say things like “Hey, that tree is Tots Adorbs but alas the scourge of splinters!”  Ok, maybe I don’t say that so much, but now that I know Cuddly Logs exist, I have a solution to that very dilemma. Etsy Crafter Erika AKA – My Imaginary Boyfriend sells these fantastic  screen printed logs and also sells kits in case you want to make them yourself! Loves. You can even get them in brown or white (Birch) based on your preferred aesthetic.

Wool Log Pillows from My Imaginary Boyfriend

Woodn't You Love To Cuddle With These Logs???

Apart from the basic fact that these wool logs are RIDIC in the cute department, I may admit to having a woodsy bias based on the fact that I am planning a foresty-type inspired wedding. Yes, it’s true. As Space Ghost once said, “Everything gets married, even spiders and bugs” so Kaleb and I are tying the knot . This is basically a warning because I don’t want you to be surprised with what will likely be an influx of adorable wedding-esque items showing up over the next year or so (yeah, we’re taking our time, we’ve already been together 7 years so no rush really). That being said, feel free to buy these for me cause they also totally go with our tree house inspired apartment.




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3 responses to “Cuddly Logs Make Tree Hugging Less Painful

  1. Lisa M.

    Aw, congrats on the engagement!

  2. ITs Log Its Log , its hard its brown its wood! or something like that!

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