Bionic Puppy Gets New Paws!

File this under Sad Cute with an extra heartwarming ending. So there is this puppy named Naki’o who was abandoned by his terrible, jerk face owners and left to starve in freezing Nebraska. boo. Then Naki’o got his tiny puppy paws stuck in an icy puddle and they got frostbite and had to be amputated, ALL 4 Paws! Double Boom, or I guess Quardruple Boo! Sadness ensued but luckily Naki’o was adopted by a lovely veterinary technician named Christie Tomlinson, who not only showered Naki’o with love but raised enough money to get him 2 bionic puppy paws from this rad company called Orthopets, and then Orthopets gave little Naki’o 2 extra paws for being so awesome. So now Naki’o is one happy puppy with a super nice human friend and 4 rad bionic paws so he can run and jump and play with all the other puppies, but ya’know, only better cause he has 4 bionic paws which is pretty badass. Check out Naki’o in action in the cute video below!

via Dlisted


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