Baby Gator Just Hanging Out

So I went to Green Cay a few weeks back, remember? It’s where I found those adorable baby Moorhens. Well, those were not the only friends I made. While we did actually see 2 alligators hanging out in the waters, they have a few exhibits inside the center’s main building with softshell turtles (those picking will be happening soon) and these RIDIC tiny alligators. LOVES.

Baby Alligator at Green Cay Nature Center

Oh...Hi, What Are You Doing? Oh, I'm Just Hanging Out

Baby Alligator hanging out in the water at Green Cay

Yup, It's Pretty Chill Down Here

So seriously, baby alligator cuteness! Are you loving this nature documentary trend I’m on? I hope so. I’ve been lucky with lots of adorable animal encounters as of late. However, it is my birthday soon so I will likely turn my focus back on cute stuff. If you see anything uber cute or want to promote your homemade uber cuteness, you can always email a submission and see your cute featured right here! Yes, here.


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