Cute Bunny Video: Paraplegic Bunny Gets Some Wheels

OMG! Have you seen this yet??? Tiny adorable bunny video starring a teeny little bunny named Joe who was born without being able to use his back legs. He amazingly gets around pretty good on his front legs, but for reals, its kinda sads watching those teensy-tiny legs just kinda dragging behind him. Boo. But wait! Triumph! Joe’s human friend Liam invented an ATB (All Terrain Bunny) — too Adorbs, I know, difficult. And it works! Now Joe can go play with his bunny brother in the backyward in mad-style with his sweet red wagon/cart ATB. So your heart starts melting in 3…2…

Thanks Jezebel!



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2 responses to “Cute Bunny Video: Paraplegic Bunny Gets Some Wheels

  1. clay

    I had to wait for the tears to stop so I could see again in order to comment
    How cute was little Joe. I think he got around pretty darn good, even without the use of his little legs. Of course, thanks to a thoughtful and bright young man, Joe’s world gradually changed.
    Thank you for my smile and tears
    I think JOE is right up there with my love of MONKEYS!!!!!!!

    • Look Out! The Cute!

      I know! So in love with Joe the Bunny. Cute without wheels, debatably cuter with them. And that sweet little boy, it’s like a Hallmark Movie. RIDIC!

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