Blue Morpho Butterflies From Costa Rica

More fun animal photography from my latest adventure – Costa Rica. *Swoon*, even just typing those words makes me wistful about waking up to birds and discovering new animal friends everywhere I went. So lets reminisce together shall we? You remember me talking about La Paz Waterfalls, it’s where I met some adorable SLOTHS and BFF’ed with some Toucans.  Well, they also had a really nice butterfly room with lots and lots of CoverGirl worthy Blue Morpho Butterflies. When they are hanging out on a branch (or flying towards you), their wings look  like a bunch of Owl eyes starring back (Kinda like Magnificent Owl Butterflies, but more EYES). Blue Morphos outward facing wings are predictably and aptly bright blue, but like totally gorgeous, Liz Taylor, classic, gorgeous. *SwOoN* (I’m doing a lot of that lately). Anyway, you don’t have to take my word for it, enjoy:

2 Blue Morpho Butterflies

Got Any Good Nectar Over There? Yeah, Got Any Over There? Yeah. Good.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Getting Drunk on Fermented Fruit

*HicCuP* Blue Morpho Getting Drunk on Fermented Fruit

Blue Side of Magnificent Owl Butterflies, Costa Rica

A Blue Morpho Butterfly at La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica

So much cute and I have YET even more great pics. I’m going through a National Geographic Phase apparently. Will do a followup post with more Blue Morphos soon!



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4 responses to “Blue Morpho Butterflies From Costa Rica

  1. Tee

    Hey they are really nice, National Geographic phase or not – keep it up!
    Cheers, Tee
    Tee is the founder and senior editor of Travel Magazine and Video Magazine guides to Costa Rica

    • Look Out! The Cute!

      Thank you so much! I loved taking pictures in Costa Rica. I can’t wait to come back and see more of the country.

  2. Shynen

    Wow..!so wonderful..!hope to see more….!<3<3<3

  3. Nancy P/

    I’m from Costa Rica… and I just want to say that your photos are great… and I’m glad that you had an amazing trip! =

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