Crazy About Toucans (Costa Rica Edition)

I saw a ton of fun and adorable animal friends when I was in Costa Rica recently, but one particularly amazing creature stole the show again and again. Toucans! For one thing, they look totally fake all the time. I was touching them at one point and was still kinda convinced they were animatronic Disney creations. Every single time I saw a Toucan, a seriously fun adventure followed shortly thereafter. They are now my luck birds. Here are some of my favorite Toucan pics from the trip. While I did see plenty of Toucans in the wild, these pictures were all taken at La Paz Waterfalls where I was able to get up close and meet a few of them. You can imagine the RIDIC noises I was making the whole time. Sooo much cuteness at once.

Toucan and Friend La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica

Your Humble Narrator and a Toucan Friend

Not Exactly Fruit Loops, But It Will Do

Toucan at La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica

Oh, Hi There, Did You Bring Snacks?

a Mighty Toucan

Oh Hi, I'm a Lucky Toucan, Nice to Meet You



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3 responses to “Crazy About Toucans (Costa Rica Edition)

  1. Lisa

    Wow, they DO look fake! And now that you mention it, yeah, they’re just so amazingly colored it’s like plastic.

    Toucans were invented by Disney? Hey, if they can make Mickey Pumpkins, there’s nothing Disney magic can’t accomplish.

  2. I love toucans! When I lived in Costa Rica, sometimes I’d climb up a tree in my neighbor’s wooded property and see a few toucans hanging out. They’re so colorful.

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