Happy Easter From Adorable Baby Moorhens & Their Moms

Happy Easter and Happy Spring! Yesterday I went to Green Cay, which is this beautiful park that is actually man-made but now home to all kinds of Florida birds and gators and turtles. Kaleb and Patrick and I made lots of new cute animal friends, but since baby chicks and ducklings are typical Easter fodder, here’s some heart-warming pics of baby Moorhens and their moms chilling in the marsh and being all cutesy. Enjoy!

Momma Moorhen and her Chick

Moorhen Mom Greets Her Chick In a Sea of Green

Family of Moorhens swimming at Green Cay, Florida

Moorhen Family Takes a Swim at Green Cay

But it was more than just Moorhens getting in on the action. We also spotted this totally cute turtle babysitting 2 Moorhen chicks. Ridic!

Moorhen chicks and Turtle at Green Cay Nature Park

Hey Kids, No Swimming Til After Lunch.

Spring is in the air and in the water. Lots more animal photo fun in posts to come, don’t think I forgot about all my new Costa Rican friends!


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