I Met a Sloth…For Reals

You may have noticed I was absent last week (or likely not), but instead of just being lazy the real reason I didn’t post is because I was in COSTA RICA!!! And while I was there I met some adorable animal friends. Let’s start the squealing noises with one of my all-time favorite animals, the SLOTH. I heart them in a serious way. Because for reals, all they do is cuddle and hug and eat and hang out, which is pretty ideal. Plus, they have that sweet little smile and are RIDIC in an adorbable way. Anyway, so I saw a really for reals Sloth in the Carara Rainforest just hanging out in a tree (as sloths are known to do). The picture is through a telescope since he was pretty high up but you can totally see his furry back.

Sloth in Carara National Park, Costa Rica

I'm Taking a Nap, Please Leave a Message at the ZZzzzzzz

But wait, there’s more! A few days later I went to La Paz Waterfalls where they also happen to have a wildlife refuge and what did I spy hanging out in the butterfly room (butterfly pics are coming, stay tuned)…OK, you already know it’s a Sloth but actually it’s 2 SLOTHS and they were Cuddling like it was going out of style!

cuddling sloths at La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica

Naping is Sooo Much Better when I'm with You

The cuteness could have stopped there, I mean it would have been more than enough. After all, how much cute can one girl stand? BUT THEN, one of them WOKE UP and Poked his little head up to say HELLO!

Sloth wakes up to say hello at La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica

Oh HI! I'm a Real Live Sloth, Nice to Meet You!

SERIOUSLY! Best day ever. Check back in for more adorable animal pictures from Costa Rica, my goal is to post a few more throughout the week. On a related side note, I was in Costa Rica at a Yoga Retreat with my mom at this wonderful little place called AmaTierra. It was so beautiful and everyone there was amazingly nice. I made lots of human friends in addition to all the cute animals and would highly recommend AmaTierra to anyone looking for a Costa Rica adventure sprinkled with yoga, lots of Toucans, and really yummy organic food.



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6 responses to “I Met a Sloth…For Reals

  1. clay

    After reading your blog, I want to go back tomorrow.

    Beautifully written- beautiful memories I will cherish

    What about my MONKEYS????

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