I Want! Petite Lap Giraffes Edition

You’ve probably seen the Direct TV commercials with the rich guy talking about his luxurious lifestyle while hanging with a tiny giraffe. Here’s a still:

petite lap giraffe

Oh Hi! I'm a tiny giraffe, it's hard being so small and cute, le sigh

I make crazy squealing noises everytime that commerical comes on because all I can focus on is that tiny adorable giraffe. Well, I guess I am not the only one obsessed with the idea of tiny fake animals, cause they made a whole website with a WEB CAM dedicated to petite lap giraffes. LOVES IT!

tiny lap giraffe from commercial

The Bull Vladimir, leader of the petite lap girafffes, strolling the grounds of Sokoblovsky Farms

You can visit the website of Sokoblovsky Farms to see the web cam and more info about the cutest fictional pets I’m currently gaga over. You can see them walking around and sleeping and just being all around tiny and adorable. Oh how I love interactive marketing in moments like this and Oh how I lament that these adorable tiny giraffes are not real. Perhaps one day, perhaps.



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3 responses to “I Want! Petite Lap Giraffes Edition

  1. They are very right about needing constant affection and bubble baths, but I’m not sure how Vladimir is okay with sleeping in that barn. It’s totally demeaning.

    – Petunia

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  3. amy


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