Giggling, Snoring Robot Teddy Bear is Your New Best Friend

I love robots. I also love cute teddy bears. And while that adorable but tragic talking teddy from AI (seriously, that movie was depressing as hell) still gives me the sads, this new teddy bear friend made by Fujitsu is walking the line between cute and creepy. Fujitsu’s new currently un-named teddy bear  is programed with 300 behaviors that respond to human interaction. He can wave, giggle, snore, and react since his comes equipped with a video camera in his nose and sensors  that detect a human presence.

Creepy or cute? I’ll let you decide, but it is nice to know they invented the giggly, cuddle bear for nursing home residents and kids, which is nice, and not to necessarily destroy the world, which is still possible.

robotic teddy bear that giggles and snores

I Love You, but You Better Be Nice to Me....

Seriously, if I have nightmares about that cute teddy bear from AI trapped under the ocean for a million years, I’m coming after you CrunchGear.


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